What do I need before I can start having driving lessons with Smart Driving School?

You must have a G1 or G2. You can register on line or over the phone or come

to the office saturday or sunday from 9am to 2:15pm.

How will I know if i'm ready to take my driving exam?

Your instructor will give you a mock driving test, and advise you accordingly. Students ready for the driving test should be able to drive consistently well and with confidence – without assistance and guidance. Ninety per cent of test failures are due to inexperience in traffic.

What is the current waiting time for practical driving test appointments?

This depends on where you live in. In some areas, it’s only 3 weeks to 4 weeks.

Are Smart Driving School instructors qualified?

At Smart Driving School your training will be conducted by a professional, courteous driving instructor who is licensed by the Ministry of Transportation.

Do you guarantee a pass?

No driving school can guarantee a pass. Driving Examiners are extremely experienced, impartial and professional and will test you fairly. The so-called ‘Guaranteed Pass’ is a ploy used by some driving schools to entice you to learn with them. However, Smart Driving School does have a good relationship and an excellent reputation with driving examiners and senior examiners.

Are all driving schools approved?

Not all driving schools are approved by MTO. But Smart Driving School is approved by Ministry Of Transportation.

Should I take hourly lessons or a full course?

Full courses are regarded as the fastest way to learn and you can get your G2 license in 8 months. It saves you 4 months and you can get your insurance discount certificate, you can save up to 41% off your car insurance, and you will learn the rules and regulation of the road.

I’m really nervous about learning to drive. How can you help me?

At Smart Driving School, our instructor has had lots of experience dealing with nervous students. They know that nervousness is completely normal and we do have instructors who specialize in helping the most anxious learners. They are particularly patient and understanding and will help you build your confidence. Please phone or email us for details.

Can I choose to have a female driving instructor?

Yes. Smart Driving School has many female instructors – please check for

availability in your area by phoning our booking line.

Are your cars dual controlled?

Yes. For your safety and peace of mind, all our training cars have the latest dual controls.

Is it true that I can get certificate without in class or in car training?

It’s illegal! And ministry of transportation is monitoring closely. At smart driving school we believe when you pay for something you should receive the service.

Why should I choose Smart Driving School?

We are proud to offer a service to a very high standard, for just a few reasons why so many people choose Smart Driving School.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Simply call us on 416-840-7799 and speak to one of our highly trained reception staff, who will be happy to help you.

Why take a full course?

With a full course you save 4 months instead of waiting 1 year for your driving test, you can go in 8 months for your driving test and you will receive a insurance discount certificate to lower your insurance premium.

I have many year of driving experience in my country and I am eligible for G test. Should I go for G2 test or G test?

If you don’t have driving experience in Ontario, we recommend you that you get a professional help. Always best to start with G2 test. After 2 weeks we can book you for G test.

How long do i have to finish full course?

You have one year to finish full course.

How do you decide how much practice I need?

Smart Driving School offers a course tailor-made for you with the best possible results. You can decide which course suits your needs by calling us or by checking out website.

Do I have to pay more for a full Course?

No! The good news is the full Course is priced at the same low rate as our weekly lessons. And, a full course can be more cost-effective. Many people have taken a seemingly endless stream of driving lessons with no knowledge of rule and regulation of the road or no driving test date in view. Our course helps you budget more realistically.

What is the current fee for practical driving test?

Class G2 road test $50 -Class G road test $85 payable to the Ministry Of Transportation.

How much discount will I get on my insurance with the certificate?

Our students are saving up to 41% annually, may vary depending insurance companies, your age, type of the car, your driving record etc.